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07 March 2009 @ 05:34 pm
Important...Off Topic...But Still Important  
I know by large, we've been inactive here, but I still felt this was something important to share...

I'm going to copy and paste from cullen_daily, a community I frequent.

It seems like there is a recent hacking attempt. [source](definitely click this link, lots of info)
Apparently there is a person/group going around and hacking the maintainers accounts of large LJ communities.
After hacking the maintainer's journal, they go to the community and make a post with malicious links, disable comments, and delete all content from the community & maintainer's journal.
Look out for those weird posts, guys!
If anything suspicious appears please...
1) DO NOT click on ANY suspicious links, as they are intended to spread a malware keylogger.
2) contact navy_brat_1972 or kinkami if you have questions.
3) REPORT it to LiveJournal.

To protect your LJ & communities if you have any, these are some preventative steps....
1) Change your password once a year & make it complex; include numbers, letters, and capitalization.
2) Add a "Secret Question" that is to be asked if you forget your password [click here!]
3) Clear out old & inactive e-mail accounts [here]
4) Run a virus/anti-malware scan on your computer [PC/Mac]